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There are a wide range of skin conditions in cats and dogs. Below are some of the common reasons for a visit 

  • scratching

  • hair loss

  • red, inflamed skin

  • head shaking

  • sore ears

  • scabs, sores and scales 

  • over grooming


There are many different possible causes for these symptoms some of which are

  • allergies (environmental and food)

  • infections

  • parasites

  • auto immune conditions

  • endocrine conditions for example hypothyroidism and cushings

  • neoplasia

  • hormonal

You might be visiting with a new symptom for your pet or something you have been dealing with for a long time. It may affect all of your pets skin or just a very small area. No matter how small (or big) your concerns are I am more than happy to help to resolve them.


I always aim to diagnose the underlying problem and make a management plan that works for both pet and owner. 

Initial consultations are one hour long, this allows for time to discuss all concerns, gather a full history, examine your pet and to perform some initial diagnostic tests where appropriate. Please read the what to expect during the dermatology consultation document to find out more.

Follow up consultations are usually 30 minutes, where we will discuss how treatment is going and monitor progress. 

In many dermatology conditions there is a lot that you the owner can do at home to help. It's important for us to work together in order to achieve the most successful outcome. This is especially true in pets with allergies. Please take a look at the information document on allergies to find out more. 



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"Our referral to Mary-Jane was both heaven sent but with a question mark as to whether we were going to be spending more money (again) with no cure. We are delighted to say that it was a well overdue meeting and are so relieved that our dog Archie has responded really positively to Mary Jane’s treatment.


We were supposed to meet for an hour at our initial consultation but it ran on much longer. Mary- Jane was so thorough in learning Archie’s history and what has been tried (and failed) to date. A full examination and test slides were conducted and very quickly and easily she diagnosed exactly what was wrong with Archie. We are now coming to the end of our third week of treatment and it cannot be stressed strongly enough how relieved we are that Archie is so much better. Mary-Jane is a true professional and is passionate about her patients’ care and wellbeing.


Altogether she is an extremely likeable, approachable vet whose youth belies the experience and confidence she shows in treating a beloved pet. Many thanks Mary-Jane for making me better."

Madeline C

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